Andrew Loria
The Role of CYK-4 GAP Domain During Cytokinesis and Embryo Polarization, 2011
Advisor: Michael Glotzer
Current Position: Teacher, Northside College Prep, Chicago, IL
Eugene Losev
An Analysis of Golgi Maturation and Inheritance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 2006
Advisor: Benjamin Glick
Current Position: Co-Founder/Chief Commercial Officer, GSL Biotech
Dana MacGregor
The roles of LRD2, sugars, and the hormones ABA and auxin in regulating Arabidopsis lateral root formation, 2008
Advisor: Jocelyn Malamy
Current Position: Weed Molecular Biologist, Rothamsted Research, UK
Richard Martin
The roles of BRCA1 and Homologous Recombination in the DNA Damage Response, 2007
Advisor: Douglas Bishop
Current Position: Patent Attorney, Morgan Lewis, Chicago, IL
Santiago Morillo
Signaling mechanisms regulating the dual function transcription factor/protein phosphatase Eyes Absent during Drosophila eye development, 2012
Advisor: Ilaria Rebay
Current Position: Business Unit Manager, Roche Diagnostics, South America
Andrew Muntean
The Functional Domains and Transcriptional Targets of GATA-1 in Megakaryopoiesis, 2006
Advisor: John Crispino
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Pathology, University of Michigan
Kristoffer Padjen
Ssm1: DNA Methylation and Chromatin Structure in a Murine Transgene, 2006
Advisor: Ursula Storb
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology, NYU, Langone Health
Aparna Palakodeti
Role of DNA replication in the mechanism of breakage at common fragile sites, 2006
Advisor: Michelle LeBeau
Current Position: Adjunct faculty, Biology, College of DuPage
Connie Phong
Actuation of delayed, high specificity negative feedback in the KaiABC cyanobacterial circadian oscillator, 2016
Advisor: Michael Rust
Current Position: Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Medicine
Kathleen Proudfoot
Taxol-stabilized yeast microtubules reveal that a subset of spindle checkpoint proteins delay anaphase onset in response to low tension, 2017
Advisor: Mohan Gupta
Current Position: Intern, HDMZ Healthcare and Science Marketing