Research Facilities

Office of Shared Research Facilities - The University of Chicago has numerous core facilities that provide state-of-the-art instrumentation, technical instruction, and assistance with experimental design.

Marine Biological Laboratory -  The MBL is dedicated to scientific discovery – exploring fundamental biology, understanding biodiversity and the environment, and informing the human condition through research and education. Founded in Woods Hole, Massachusetts in 1888, the MBL is a private, nonprofit institution and an affiliate of the University of Chicago.

Chicago Biomedical Consortium - The CBC stimulates collaboration among scientists at Northwestern University, The University of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago and others to accelerate discovery that will transform biomedical research and improve the health of humankind.

Grossman Institute for Neuroscience, Quantitative Biology, and Human Behavior - The Grossman Institure is the intellectual home for a diverse group of scholars and scientists working together to advance our understanding of the brain. 

Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology - The IGSB is an engine for discovery that utilizes the latest approaches in genome analysis, high throughput screening, and biological computation. 

Institute for Molecular Engineering - The IME translate advances in basic physics, chemistry, biology and computation into new tools to address important societal problems, and to create a research and teaching environment to enhance and transmit these capabilities from scientific generation to generation.